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Charlatans ² (Running With Scissors)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Halfricans, diet wokers, false teachers & gate keeper be fast and lose with The

News these half cocked theories, fake stats and fabricated stories from the

proven liars of main stream media. Curating content is one thing buthing but

you guys are dangerous as if you're running with scissors hence the name of

the video.

People out here particularly on YouTube are dangerous, dangerously

ignorant. A lot of you all are not qualified to speak or to even attempt to drop

knowledge, yall be lost in the sauce. You're not equipped to be on the this

battlefield in this intellectual war. In the war you have no weapons, a lot of

yall one trick pony's need to stand down and stand by too. You all need your

Internet access limited to 2 hours A-day.

Charlatans² Running With Scissors

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