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Jamie Foxx Addresses the rumors of him being cloned after being hospitalized

Because Jamie Foxx was recently hospitalized, Shortly after he Made some bold statements about his contemporaries and the media and recording industry The concession of the events has everyone talking.

I'm not saying that he is a clone not saying he isn't however it is possible cloning is possible transfer consciousness to a sleeve is possible I'm just not jumping to conclusions here Philly Rick Ross & myself did a ig livestream about this and pointed out some possibilities and coincidences or what could be one big marketing ploy for his movie They Cloned Tyrone. What do you think ? could this Be Predicated Malevolence Could it be proof of something more sinister ? Or are people just reaching 🤔 Remember that episode from the jamie fox show where he had a dopplerganger Come and take over his life guess that's a coincidence too ?

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